21 Point Evaporative Cooler Inspection Checklist

Above and Beyond Industry Standard

Our 21 Point Evaporative Cooler inspection goes beyond the industry standard inspection. Our technicians are thorough and will give you a comprehensive report of your cooling unit(s) with any recommendations on service, repair, or replacements you may need. Information is important and we make sure our clients are well informed before making any decisions about their units. But you’re probably thinking “Hey! My system works fine? Why do I need to have it inspected?” Well, we’ll tell you.
When you first installed it, you knew that it was in for the long haul. You also knew that in a region where summertime temperatures routinely rise to triple digits your unit was bound to have a pretty big job to do. Early on, it never failed to rise to the occasion, but now you’re hearing strange noises, smelling strange smells, and receiving excessive energy bills for performance that’s suddenly begun to fall far below standard.

It’s a known fact that the harder anything works, the faster it will start to wear out. With excessive dust, heat and hard work small and easily fixable problems can quickly escalate into major malfunctions where the repairs will be both costly and time-consuming. On the first day that outside temperatures soar to 110 degrees, you could find yourself forced to shut down your business entirely. This is the last thing your company wants to face. If you’ve been skipping inspections, though, don’t be surprised if it happens to you.

FAQ's: What can Go Wrong?

- Burning Smell Coming Out of Vents

Electrical, plastic, or a strong rubber burning smell while cooler is ON is a clear sign of serious electrical issues related to the fan motor, main control board, etc. If factory safety features do not shut off the system and the cooler continues to run it can become a danger. Turn off your Evaporative Cooling system immediately and call Windy City to fix your problems!

- Blowing Warm Air or Not Cooling

This can be caused by a variety of issues. Starting with…
A. Ensure the pump is ON and operating. Filter pads are not saturated 100% or completely dry. Check the shut-off valve is ON and the water level inside the cooler is set correctly. Check for sludge build-up or blockage within water distribution lines. A water pump, solenoid, drain valve, or a control board could also be faulty.

B. Insufficient airflow. Check if there are any doors and windows that are open.

Make sure the filter pads are not damaged or blocked with dust, mold or other debris. Wash or replace filters if required.

Make sure the filter pads are not damaged or blocked with dust, mold, or other debris. Wash or replace filters if required.

C. Humidity levels or outside temps are too high. If weather conditions are excessively humid, the cooling efficiency may be reduced. Luckily in the Las Vegas Valley, we do not have to worry about humidity often. Start the cooler early to prevent the build-up of heat within the house! You should expect at least 10 Degrees Celsius in temperature difference if the system is regularly serviced and functioning properly!

- Musty Smell Coming From Vents

This build-up of dirt and grime clogs up the unit and blocks the filter pads, causing musty smell problems, lower efficiency levels, and much less cooling effect throughout the house. Windy City Can come out clean the sump pump, thoroughly wash filters or replace, if required.

- Water Leak On Ceiling From Evaporative Cooler

A. Water lines and fittings inside the cooler can wear out or get damaged and start pumping water into the ductwork. Check and replace if required.

B. Metal flashing around dropper is box damaged or not sealed. Inspect for holes and cracks, re-seal or replace if nonrepairable.

C. Water can leak through the roof tiles gaps when the drain valve is dumping water. Missing or poorly installed drain pipe on coolers drain outlet. Always run a pipe into the gutter.

- System Controls

Current headaches with any air conditioning system often trace back to the settings, location, or capacity of its controls. While the situation is often simple and inexpensive to correct at the start, ignoring it could lead to costly damage in the end.

The 21 points for Commercial air conditioning


It is our pleasure to service your evaporative cooler system. The list below is our services that will be performed during our inspection.

  1. Asked you if there are any special concerns about your evaporative cooler.
  2. Reinstall the aspen pads or cell decks if part of the contract.
  3. Visually inspected the evaporative cooler for any type of damage.
  4. Visually inspected the copper tubing for leakage or damage.
  5. Check the spider tubing for loose or leaking connections.
  6. Chemically cleaned the cooler & rinse with water.
  7. Checked the drive motor & wiring for scorched or discoloration.
  8. Checked the pump motor & wiring for scorched or discoloration.
  9. Checked for proper voltage to the evaporative cooler.
  10. Checked the thermostat for proper mounting, location and setting.
  11. Checked, cleaned and replaced water filters if part of contract.
  12. Check the drive belt, replace if part of the contract.
  13. Checked the float, replace if part of the contract.
  14. Turn water off to the cooler & disconnect the water line.
  15. Drain the cooler.
  16. Remove the pads and/or cell deck, if part of the contract.
  17. Remove drive belt if part of the contract.
  18. Remove the float if part of the contract.
  19. Remove water scale deposits by rinsing off the power washer.
  20. Repair cooler doors and reinstall on unit.
  21. Wrap unit with plastic to prevent cold air infiltration.