21 Point Heating Inspection Checklist

Above and Beyond Industry Standard

Our 12 Point Heating inspection goes beyond the industry standard inspection. Our technicians are thorough and will give you a comprehensive report of your heating unit(s) with any recommendations on service, repair, or replacements you may need. Information is important and we make sure our clients are well informed before making any decisions about their units. But you’re probably thinking “Hey! My system works fine? Why do I need to have it inspected?” Well, we’ll tell you.

Heating systems, while being the lesser of the two utilized systems compared to Air Conditioning in Las Vegas require a little extra hand-holding due to that lack of use. Dust storms clogging filters and lack of use can contribute to issues going into the Winter season. Don’t be caught in the cold when you start your furnace as soon as the temps drop! Have a Windy City technician inspect your system today!

FAQ's: What can Go Wrong?

- Energy Bill Spikes

While utility companies are known to nudge rates up year after year, if you see a significant gain for a few months you should have your furnace inspected. Repairing a furnace does have the potential to restore some of its original efficiency, but if high costs continue it may merit installing a newer furnace that won’t hurt with every monthly bill.

- Old Equipment Failure

Many furnaces are equipped to go at least 20 years. However, improperly inspected and maintained systems may give up sooner. If you hear strange noises, have strange smells, or notice your furnace behaving erratically it may be time for a replacement, service, or repair. Whatever the need, our Windy City Techs can take care of you.

- Over Cycling

If you notice your system cycling more frequently or it just seems to be cycling nonstop, it could be signs that the furnace is not working as it was designed. This is a job for a technician to pay a visit and determine if the behavior warrants a repair or replacement.

- Excess Dust or Burning Dust Smell

We’re no strangers to dust here in Las Vegas! Wild winds and the occasional dust storm are sure to wreak havoc on your filters in the Summer months. If you turn on your system in the fall and see a poof of dust or smell a burning smell, it may be time to replace your filters or schedule routine maintenance! Having your system inspected before the cold season starts is the best way to ensure you’ll be keeping warm with no problems.

- System Controls

Current headaches with any heating system often trace back to the settings, location, or capacity of its controls. While the situation is often simple and inexpensive to correct at the start, ignoring it could lead to costly damage in the end.

The 12 points for Heating Systems


Here are our 12 points for our heating inspections to keep your system running at tip top conditions!

  1. Visually inspected the heat exchanger for structural integrity
  2. Checked the flame sensor to see if it is discolored.
  3. Checked all safety switches for proper operation.
  4. Checked all the exposed gas piping close to the furnace or RTU.
  5. Checked the draft combustion motor for proper operation.
  6. Visually checked the flue pipe for obstructions, pitch and structural integrity.
  7. Checked the thermostat for proper mounting, location and setting.
  8. Checked the flame for a steady blue tipped flame.
  9. Checked the igniter for hot spots, take pictures.
  10. Checked the amp draw of the blower motor.
  11. Checked the temperature rise across the furnace 45-75 Deg. F.
  12. Checked for the presence of carbon monoxide. Less than 0.5 PPM.