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We are Las Vegas Valleys' premiere heating service. Las Vegas is not immune to winter weather. When you factor in the chilly wind, the temperatures can easily fall below freezing. During this time of the year, you'll appreciate the existence of a functioning heating system. Emergency repairs, maintenance, and installs - we are ready to take care of your heating system.

Maintenance and Repair

Having a functioning system is integral to a comfortable home and functional business. It's no lie that the heat in Las Vegas is unforgiving. Las Vegas winters can be just as bad with desert cold, wind chill, and other weather factors. Stay ahead of the game and keep your HVAC system in functioning condition with preventative care. If your system fails, don't worry! We're here to take care of you 24/7.

Air Conditioning

We are Las Vegas Valleys' premiere air conditioning service. The Las Vegas heat is nothing to be messed with! Having a dysfunctional AC can put your business in a bind or your home into a major state of discomfort during the summer months. If you need your air conditioning serviced or repaired, we're ready to take care of you!

New HVAC Installation

New construction on your business or home? Windy City Air Conditioning and Heating can make it happen. From start to finish we can install new HVAC systems combined with the newest purification systems and technology to make sure that your home or business is comfortable and safe.

Membership Plans

Our Windy City membership plans cover a wide range of HVAC services from residential to commercial. From informative plans for the DIY enthusiast to commercial offerings and property management plans, we are sure we have a plan that can fit your needs.

Order Filters

Competitive pricing, expedited shipping. Order your filters direct through us and, we can make sure you get them within 7-14 days. Click the link to get started!

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What our customers are saying!

We handle both residential and commercial jobs, big and small in the Las Vegas Valley! See what our customers have to say below!

Adriana Tejeda: Hands down the best service! reliable, great value and ready to come out right away. THANK YOU WINDY CITY!!!!!!

Lorene Kincer: Windy City is WONDERFUL! They always answer their phone with a REAL person. They are reliable and consistent in high quality work. They have been my maintenance service for over 10 years!

Kathleen Bratton: The guy who came was kind and professional and provided us with the services we required and even gave us a quote on what it would cost to make the necessary repairs. We have used them before and they were great both times.