Turning your HVAC system into a purification system.

You may know that mold, bacteria and viruses can contaminate the inside of your home causing allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, upper respiratory ailments and infections. * What you may not know is that those dangers to your family’s health thrive in your HVAC system; a cold, damp and dark environment for microorganisms to grow and proliferate.

Air filters only go so far in removing some of these pollutants. Your best defense against airborne biological contaminants is to eliminate them at the source with ultraviolet-C (UVC) light.

SteriLight uses the proven germicidal UVC energy to inactivate mold, bacteria and viruses before they circulate throughout your home.

Even when your heating and cooling system isn’t running, SteriLight continues to work continuously, for a clean, healthy home.

SteriLight: The right light at the right source.

SteriLight installs in your heating and air-conditioning or forced-air system where it bathes the cooling coil, drain pan and air stream with its germicidal UVC energy. Delivering the highest germicidal input, SteriLight uses a patented, system-engineered UVC lamp that is proven as an effective inactivation method for mold, bacteria and viruses.

SteriLight: The ultimate solution for a clean, healthy home.

While other UVC lights are designed for optimal performance at room temperature, only SteriLight delivers a maximum UVC dosage in the cold, moving air found in your HVAC system. This provides the maximum protection for you and your family.

SteriLight UVC Germicidal devices are:

  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Proven to keep your HVAC clean and efficient
  • An effective way to Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Easy to install with a lamp change just once a year
  • Affordable

Why SteriLight your home?

  • Peace of mind with proven germicidal technology
  • Reduces energy consumption and costly cleaning
  • Your indoor air quality will be greatly improved
  • It’s safe and ozone-free
  • UVC light will extend the life of your HVAC system

Our trained technicians will be able to install this system for you, so put our knowledge to use for you! Call us today at 702.932.7284 for a free consultation on our Steril-Aire Purification System. We look forward to helping you with your Las Vegas HVAC needs.