Life in the modern world can be complicated. With so many things on your mind, any device that can do your thinking for you will stand as a welcome addition. A smart thermostat could be just such a help. It may not have a brain as large as yours, but its uncanny ability to remember what you ask for and anticipate your needs could seem to outstrip the talents of your most accommodating and eager-to-please family member.

If you’ve considered switching to a smart thermostat but have had your reservations, here are seven reasons why you should.

1. A smart thermostat will help you save on heating and cooling costs. These two items alone account for 50 percent of the average home’s energy expenses. The smart thermostat’s automated features offer an ingenious way of reining them in, and this talent alone should help the device pay for itself in a short amount of time.

2. The smart thermostat can learn what you want it to know. There are bound to be times during which you have no need or desire to keep your home at optimal temperatures. For example, its interior climate may mean little when you’re away on vacation, but you will be coming back eventually, and when you do, you’d surely prefer returning to a residence whose temperatures are livable at best. Your smart thermostat can handle this sort of thing for you. Just like a live-in butler, it will know to adjust the heat or the air conditioning when you’re away from home and get them up and running again in time for your return.

3. A smart thermostat will let you adjust the settings from another location through your mobile device. If you’re concerned about dealing with sudden weather changes, feeling chilly after going to bed or coming home earlier than you’d expected, there will be no need to bother your kids or drag yourself out from under the covers. With a smart thermostat, you can pick up your iPhone or Android, fire up the app and handle these chores remotely.

4. A smart thermostat has a talent for learning your specific heating and cooling needs. Of course, these requirements are bound to vary in accordance with the size of your residence and the quality of its insulation. There’s no getting away from the fact that the larger the home, the more it will cost you to heat or cool it. In addition, the climate in which you live will also play a role. People who reside here in Las Vegas know what happens when the sun shines into their homes in the Summertime. Your smart thermostat can handle all extremes, and once you’ve instructed yours in the climate needs of your household, you won’t have to tell it twice.

5. You’ve got mail! If your home’s temperature should suddenly fall or rise to unacceptable temperatures that differ wildly from the range that you’ve previously set, a smart thermostat can send the news directly to your mobile device, even if a power outage is to blame.

6. Modern smart thermostats are simple to handle. With easily managed companion applications and up-to-date screen designs, the newer models are surprisingly easy to program and use. Once you’ve configured your smart thermostat to your requirements, “set it and forget it” will become its middle name.

7. If you’ve ever wanted to track down the reasons for that exorbitant cooling bill, one of these devices will give you that chance by providing you with detailed reports about your energy usage. You can even compare your personal statistics to those of other users. What better way to rein in those onerous energy costs?

If you’re a budget-conscious person, you’ll appreciate the fact that a smart thermostat can potentially:

  • Save you hundreds of dollars a year on energy costs.
  • Reduce wear and tear on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Make your home more livable.
  • Put you in control.

They may cost you a bit more up front, but over the years, most smart thermostats will pay for themselves several times over. If you have any questions, Windy City Air has the answers. Give us a call today.