You’re sitting at your computer desk and going through the mail, suddenly you gaze out and shocked…. Do you know why? There in front of you is your latest electricity bill. It says, “Total Payment for This Month is $$$”

Thinking, “Even its spring season in your area, the outside temperatures have pretty steady – cool, then, how does it costs $$$ in last month electricity bill?”

Don’t worry…. You’re not alone. The recent statistics states, “The average homeowner spends about $375 on air conditioning”

There are number of factors could be to blame for higher utility bills, but more than 99.9% chances are if your Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) unit is getting on more older, it is the likely wrongdoer for increasing energy bills. Below are some easy-follow tips that will help reduce your power consumption while using AC unit.

Type of AC Matters:

If you’re planning to cool 2 or more rooms in your home or office, it makes sense in investing in central air conditioning unit rather than opting for individual window units. Central AC units also do a better job of lowering your room’s humidity as well as reducing this month energy bill.

Right Size of AC Counts:

Bigger the room greater the AC tonnage required. The AC size is normally determined by the number of people normally in the room and heat generating sources including sunlight and gadgets affecting the temperature in the room. An AC that is not capable of cooling of your room will require a lot more power than a right-sized AC unit. So have an initial consultation with an HVAC expert in Las Vegas to choose the right sized air conditioning unit for your home or office.

Energy Efficient Models:

A model with a 5 star rating is highly energy efficient and consumes less power than a 4 star model. Therefore it is advisable to buy an air conditioner with a 5 star rating and thereby save on electricity.

Maintenance of AC Filter:

Dust and air collected in the filter will hamper the free flow of air even damage the unit. Cleaning and replacing the air filters regularly is the must to maintain the condition of the AC unit. This will not only help the unit to cool down faster but also reduce energy consumption.

Prevent Outside Air Entering into the Room:

Always take extra care to keep the doors and windows of an AC room closed as much as possible. Avoid moist and warmer outside air from entering the air conditioned room since this would result in an increase in electricity consumed by your AC.

Get ready to implement the above mentioned tips & tricks to save more dollars on your next month electricity bill. If you’ve any doubts or queries on how to save more money on electricity bills, contact your nearby HVAC repair expert in Las Vegas today!