Did you have any idea that you can in fact control your air conditioner with your body and your smartphone? Surely not! Well it seems that you can and it is extremely convenient as well. Oh the wonders of technology today. So how does it work? Well, we will get to that, but first let’s teach you a little about how exactly your smartphone and your body can help in controlling the air conditioner.

How do the body and the smartphone control the Air Conditioner?

You must have left your air conditioner turned on during the hot summer days, to ensure that your home is cooler when you come back. That is what the majority of people do, but you may not have to do that, once you learn how to control your air conditioner with your body and your smartphone. It is all thanks to a new device that is going to be launched into the market in May of this year, and it will change the way you live! The device allows you to control your air conditioner easily and offers you the convenience you always thought you would have when you bought the air conditioner.

The Quirky+GE Aros is an app-enabled, Wi-Fi connected, air conditioning unit that allows you to have complete control over your air conditioner. Take that AI! The device is going to change the way you live by letting you remotely control when it can turn off and on, and also offers you intelligent responses for your needs as well.

Changing the Temperature with your Smartphone

The Quirky+GE Aros device is about to change the course of history and provide you with a whole new perspective on air conditioners. You will change the way you think and see air conditioners from now on. Why do we think that is the case? Well take a sneak peek into some of the coolest features that are going to be offered by this mega cool device:

  • The Aros has got a geological feature, which can be accessed with your smartphone. This will let Aros detect whether you are inside the house or have left the building. This way it will be able to adjust the temperature accordingly to fit your needs. Talk about saving energy and living in comfort and luxury.
  • Within just a few weeks, the Aros system will be able to generate a cooling schedule that will be based on your habits and usage of the air conditioner. Woah! There are some cool new things coming out, but this may just change entire air conditioning industry.
  • The Aros is a Wi-Fi enabled device and can be accessed and operated through mobile apps. This means that you can access it through your smartphone and can program the device to turn off when you leave from home and turn it back on while you are on your way back.
  • You can even set the maximum amount that you spend on your energy bill and the Aros will regulate energy consumption to ensure that it doesn’t exceed the limit. And you thought the Oscars were cool?

It is yet to be determined whether the Aros device is going to change the HV/AC industry, but the possibilities are endless. If you want to acquire AC repair services or need more information on this device then contact us today.