Summer is just around the corner and it is imperative that you check on the condition of your air conditioner in order to have it ready for the hot summer days. It can be highly inconvenient to spend your summer without your air conditioner, so get ready for hot summer days and prepare your home and your air conditioner today. If you want to get your air conditioner ready for the hot summer days ahead here are a few pointers to help you out.

Ensure that the attic is well insulated

An insulated attic can make a world of difference in terms of your energy costs this summer. You need to insulate the floor joists in the attic, in order to ensure that the temperature of your home remains stable when the air conditioner is on full blast during the summer. You can also save hundreds of dollars in energy bills by making sure that the attic is insulated.

Seal up air leaks and drafts

In order to ensure that your air conditioner cools your home adequately, you need to seal up drafts and all air leaks in your home; weather stripping is quite effective in sealing off windows and doors. This will help you cut down on energy costs as well. Properly sealing the leaks in or around your home can ensure that your home remains cool in the hot summer.

Replace the filter on your air conditioner

A dirty air filter will not allow your air conditioner to work effectively and you will also get dirty air inside your home. You should, therefore, check your filter regularly, especially if you have pets or smoke inside your home. If you find dust and dirt in and around the air vents in your home, then it is time to replace the filter on your air conditioner. You can also get filter whistles that make a high pitched sound when the filter gets dirty.

Set your thermostat to cool

The majority of homeowners actually forget to turn on the air conditioner in the summers, and this can be easily adjusted by setting your thermostat to cool. Simply adjust the temperature on your unit to cool without turning on the air conditioner and you are all set for the summer.

Clean the area around your AC unit

In order to work at optimum levels, your air conditioner needs to be clear of dust, dirt, leaves, grass, debris and even foliage. Therefore, inspect the area surrounding your AC unit and make sure that there is nothing that is blocking the intake of the air conditioner. A simple check up around your AC unit can have a dramatic effect on air quality and temperature.

Call the air conditioning professionals

In order to properly prepare for the summer, you need to contact the HVAC specialists in order to determine that your air conditioning is in perfect order. A small tune-up of your air conditioner is not a bad idea since it will ensure that you won’t have to deal with air conditioning problems during the hot summer.

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