Yes, you read that correctly, keeping your bedroom cool can actually make a significant impact on your weight. Research in Britain has linked central heating conditions with a rise in obesity. The study suggests that warmer temperatures are not conducive to weight loss and therefore if you are looking to lose some weight then you need to cool the temperature in your home.

The Cold War with Fat

Not many people know that turning on the heat in winters is actually detrimental to your weight loss goals. A new study has also found that sleeping in cooler temperatures can actually help you in losing weight, which is because cold temperatures stimulate brown fat (adipose tissue). Brown fat is located in your upper back and your neck, and helps in burning calories in the body.

Former NASA scientist Ray Cronise gave his view on it, “Thermal temperatures can be used to enhance the weight loss process, and testing in environments that were 60 degrees, showed the metabolism rates of people boosted by 20 percent.” In order to become effective brown fat needs to be stimulated by colder temperatures.

How it really works?

Central heating became a mainstay in the 1960s in British and American homes, and this has led to a rise in room temperatures and obesity. The bedroom generally stayed cooler, while the main room had a fireplace or wood burning stove. The effect of commuting in heated cars and spending less time outdoors has led to the human body shedding brown fat.

Brown fat is highly essential in helping people lose weight and there have even been documentaries and dieting techniques that focus on developing brown fat in the body. Thermal dieting, which includes taking cold showers, drinking ice water and taking walks outside in winter help in burning calories, the best way to lose weight is to focus on exercise and a  healthy diet. However, it can work to your benefit if you keep your bedroom cooler at night since if you don’t lose weight you will at least save up on your energy bill.

Keeping your bedroom cool at night when you sleep, also decreases the chance of you getting sick since your body remains at an ideal temperature and you will also sleep much better because of that.

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