There’s only one true battle in a relationship. The battle for the thermostat. With a couple living under the same roof, tension is bound to build over the temperature of your living quarter. In this battle of the sexes, some really do like it hot.

Couple fighting

That someone is not always the female. According to a recent survey, 64 percent of those questioned thought that females keep the house warmer. However, there’s no winner in the portable heater battle. Women and men equally purchase portable heaters for their home.

A majority of men and women surveyed say they take advantage of the benefits of a portable heater. 54 percent of people are willing to turn down the thermostat 1-5 degrees when using their heater. Saving energy and money topped their reasons for using their portable device.

Don’t Touch That Thermostat!

Whether it’s regarding the portable heater or the thermostat, a duel will likely ensue when comfort levels are at stake. While some couples have not purchased a portable heater, other options exist to survive during the cold winter months. Messing with the thermostat isn’t always the answer, and can lead to some pretty intense arguments.

Many take immediate action when their partner touches the thermostat. When the temperature is turned down, the top three reactions surveyed found 76 percent of individuals grabbing a blanket, 64 percent throwing on a sweater, and 59 percent piling on layers of clothing.

Couples who live together will likely never be equally satisfied, which is why 26 percent of people surveyed said they argue with their partner over the temperature in their home.

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