Well, folks. Labor Day has come and gone, and we are about to officially leave summer in the dust. Some people may be mourning the loss of long days, short skirts, and an increased social acceptance of day drinking, but not me. You may not be aware, but summer is actually the worst. Here are three reasons why you should join me in welcoming fall with open arms.

fall leaves

Photo courtesy of Ed Shipul


1. You’re less likely to hate your life. 

Wish You Were Here message written on the sand

Photo courtesy of Momo

Summer often means pool and vacation time for those souls lucky enough to have pools and jobs that offer vacation days. Who isn’t tired of scrolling through their Facebook page or Instagram feed on their lunch break and seeing photos of lucky people with good bodies lounging by the pool or enjoying their beach vacations? Those jerks have a lot of nerve showing their summer fun off like that and rubbing their good lives in everyone’s faces. It’s scientifically impossible to not feel like your life sucks when confronted with daily images like that.

Come autumn, everyone is cold and clothed and back at work, and more importantly, everyone is equally grumpy. Fall is the great equalizer.

 2. It’s food season!

turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing

Photo courtesy of Michael Hanscom

What does summer have to offer in the way of food? Grilling and picnics, both of which are overrated. No one wants to stand next to burning coals when it’s 100 degrees out, and picnics are disgusting. Who wants to eat warm food out of a basket while surrounded by bugs? People aren’t even hungry when they’re suffering from heat stroke. All anyone wants is a Slurpee or an ice cream cone, both of which will melt before you can eat them.

3. Cooler temperatures!

Fall weather means cooler weather and bulky sweaters. Not only will your cooling bill go down, but it’s not quite time to turn the heater on yet either. It’s nice enough to sleep with windows open and still cold enough to cuddle up with a blanket!

Fall, on the other hand, brings football season (chili, wings, and pizza – oh my!) and the greatest food holiday known to man: Thanksgiving. Plus, it’s finally cold enough to turn your oven on, and you don’t have to worry about getting into a bathing suit any time soon, so you can stuff your face as much as you want.

Based on the above evidence, it’s clear the autumn is the superior season, so let’s celebrate! Toss out your $10 Target flip flops, put the grill back in the shed, stick a roast in the oven and go snuggle with someone under the warmth of your covers.


Gina Volpe is a writer from New York City. Although she just burned all of her bathing suits, she is looking forward to soon complaining about the cold weather and writing grumpy blog posts about how summer can’t get here soon enough. In the cold winter months, Gina can be found snuggling up in front of her Windy City Air heater with a good book and a cup of tea. 

You’ve read my reasons for being glad to kiss summer goodbye. What are yours? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on summer’s departure.