Is the desert heat making life miserable for you? Can’t stand the heat one second longer? Cool off in Las Vegas with water parks, lakes, and even the hose in the backyard. Here are some tips for staying cool when the weather is hotter than hot.


Dive into the fun activities provided by Wet ‘N Wild water park. Let gravity propel you down the many water slides into the ultimate summer cool-off—a swimming pool. Additionally, recreational lakes provide an escape from the dreadful heat. There’s nothing like jumping into Lake Mead with the sun on full blast.

Finding your liquid AC may be as easy as stepping in your backyard and setting up the sprinkler. A sprinkler creates fun activities like slip ‘n slide or a refreshing mist to accommodate a relaxing rest outside.

Cooling off when the scorching heat of summer arrives can turn your summer from agonizing to energizing. If it’s AC repair you need, Windy City Air can take care of all your needs.

Main photo by cathyse97