Air conditioning is a lifesaver during the hot summer months, as long as you stay indoors. But what if you need to be outside in the scorching heat? Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: a homemade neck cooler that will make even the hottest days more bearable.

Travel Neck Pillow and bag

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • A 36×4 inch piece of cotton fabric
  • Liquid marbles or water absorbing crystals (found in the floral section of craft stores or the lawn and garden section of home improvement stores)
  • A sewing machine

Then just follow these simple steps:

  • Sew the fabric into a tube shape, leaving one end open
  • Turn the tube inside out so that the stitching is on the inside
  • Fill the tube with the liquid marbles or crystals, making sure it doesn’t get too full
  • Stitch the open end shut

Soak your neck cooler in water for 10-15 minutes, then keep it in the refrigerator until you need it. You now have your own portable air conditioning device.

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Main photo by DanaK~WaterPenny