Love it or hate it, hot weather is the norm for a large part of the country. Here are the 5 cities to move to (or avoid) for the hottest weather in the U.S.
hot thermometer

(1) Phoenix, AZ

With an average of 107 days per year where the temperature is at least 99 degrees, Phoenix is the place to go for the hottest weather the U.S. has to offer.

(2) Las Vegas, NV

While it’s not quite as hot as Phoenix, Las Vegas is officially America’s second hottest city with an average of 70 days where the temperature is at least 99 degrees.

(3) Riverside, CA

This Southern California city only has 24 triple-digit temperatures per year, but that’s still enough for it to rank third.

(4) Dallas, TX

Steamy Dallas has an average of 17 days of post 99 degree heat per year, and the humidity adds another dimension to the already subtropical climate.

(5) Austin, TX

Rounding out the list is the capital of Texas and live music capital of the world, with 16 triple-digit temperatures per year.

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Main photo by Chris Brown