If there is anywhere in the world during the long, hot summer months you would want a working AC, Las Vegas is the place. Here are three things you should do before the Vegas summer blazes in and catches you unprepared!

(1) Replace the filter

The filter catches all of the dust, debris, allergens, and other unwanted toxins in the air and keeps them out of your house. A clogged AC filter will significantly slow down and in some cases completely stop the flow of cool air from entering a room and making it comfortable.

(2) Be sure the “cool line” is insulated

The cool line is easy to find. It’s the tubing that connects the condenser to the compressor. This line must be insulated with urethane or other insulation made up of high R-value material to keep the cool line cool!  

(3) Straighten bent coil fins

It’s very important that the coils are straight in order for the cold air to circulate.  If they’re bent, they’ll restrict the air flow. However, this is an easy fix. Simply use a long, pointed stick or wire to “comb” the coils straight.

Don’t get caught unprepared…

Dirty and Clean AC Filter

Source: joelockett.com via Joe on Pinterest

If you have done these three things to make sure your air conditioning is in top working order and find you are still having problems, contact the best Las Vegas AC repair company, Windy City Air.