When it comes to AC service, Las Vegas is a heavy consumer. Are you looking to save energy? Here are some interesting, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional air conditioning.


(1) The Passive House

Passive houses are super-insulated and airtight, and therefore need no heating or AC. Not surprisingly, these are very expensive to build.

(2) The Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal heat pumps use the earth’s steady temperature to cool your home. They transfer water into the ground and then pump the water back into your home.

(3) Solar-Powered Air Conditioning

Solar-powered AC units have built-in solar panels and don’t need the large and expensive rooftop ones. This new technology hasn’t been perfected, but it’s steadily improving.

(4) Ice Power

This technology is currently being made for and marketed only to businesses. It uses ice formed during the night to assist in cooling buildings.

Which method looks the most intriguing to you? Do you have other ideas for Las Vegas air conditioning? Share them below!