As Las Vegas starts heating up again, you may be looking for a cheap way to cool a small space like an apartment or garage. Here are two do-it-yourself methods of air conditioning. The concept is very similar for both of them.

Version One: The DIYAC

How to Make Your Own Air Conditioning


This infographic demonstrates a very simple method to construct a do-it-yourself air conditioner. As you can see, simple items like a large cooler, a box fan, and copper and vinyl tubing are used. Just fill the cooler with water, run tubing to the fan, and voila! Instant AC.

Version Two: The Redneck Air Conditioner

This video demonstrates an even easier-to-make version, using nothing more than a standard Styrofoam cooler, a plastic plumbing elbow, frozen bottles, and a small fan. This one is extremely inexpensive and easy to put together.

Which of these two versions would you use, or would you simply splurge for Las Vegas air conditioning services? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!