If you are an avid camper but sometimes find yourself either in a small space with no room for a fire or in an area that is too chilly, this cheap and easy heater may be a way to save your trip:

  • Take a large, metal coffee can and remove the plastic lid.
  • Do your best to remove the cardboard holder from inside a full roll of toilet tissue. Stuff the entire roll inside the coffee can.
  • Fill the can with a bottle of regular rubbing alcohol and allow it to soak into the tissue.
  • In a safe, well-ventilated area, use a long-handled lighter to set the paper inside the can on fire.
    • Please note that the can WILL get hot! Ensure it is placed on a non-burning/non-melting surface.
    • To stop the heater, use a flat piece of board or metal to snuff out the flames. (Do not use the plastic lid to snuff the flames — it will melt.)
    • After the can is completely cooled, replace the plastic lid for convenient storage.

With the paper functioning as a wick and the alcohol as the burning fuel, you can get several hours and several uses out of this heater. It really puts out a lot of heat!

See it in action here:

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