The 3 Most Common Heating and Furnace Problems and How to Repair Them

It’s frustrating when your furnace busts; but before you call a Las Vegas air conditioner repair shop, consider this: What often seems like a failing furnace can actually be something else, and it frequently can be fixed or adjusted by the homeowner in a matter of minutes, saving you time and money. Let’s look at three common problems, their possible causes, and their repair methods.

(1) Not Enough Heat

If your furnace is not giving off enough heat, check your air filter. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned or changed it, chances are that dust, pet hair, and/or other substances have built a felt-like wall against it, restricting airflow and trapping the heat. Proper filter maintenance will ensure clear airflow and get the heat where it belongs.

Oftentimes, the problem isn’t even with the furnace itself. For example, if the temperature is just right in one room, cold in another, and a bit warm in still another, it could be an airflow problem. In that situation, the furnace is not the culprit. Have a heating expert inspect your home, and they will be able to adjust the airflow to make sure your house is heated evenly.

Another cause of heat loss can be leaky ducts. When warm air escapes through cracked, improperly sealed, or poorly insulated ducts, your energy efficiency escapes too! This is another situation where a call to your local Las Vegas furnace repair experts can help. They can inspect your leaks, and properly seal and insulate those problem areas.

(2) The Furnace Isn’t Heating At All

Before calling your serviceman, check the thermostat. This may seem silly, but many people call only to have the serviceman show them that their thermostat wasn’t properly set. Save yourself time and money by double-checking first. Make sure the thermostat is switched to “heat,” that the temperature set is higher than the current room temperature, and that the fan is set to “auto.” Please note: If you have a programmable thermostat, you may need to override the settings to inspect it. Check your thermostat’s instructions.

Another easy at-home “fix” is to check your circuit breaker. It may be tripped or blown, and that may be the reason the furnace is off.

One situation where it is best to call a professional is when the pilot light itself is out. There is a number of possible reasons for a faulty pilot light, including a draft or dirty gas tube. This is not something that you should try to fix yourself, so contact your local expert.

If your furnace uses natural gas or propane, it could be that the flow is inhibited by a closed valve or a faulty regulator. Do not try to fix this yourself; it would be extremely unsafe. This is another time to call your Las Vegas furnace repair shop.

(3) High Energy Bills

This is probably the most common complaint. It is also often easily fixable. When was the last time you had scheduled maintenance on your furnace? We all get busy, and furnace maintenance probably isn’t at the forefront of thought for you. But scheduling maintenance at least once a year will keep your furnace running at its most efficient, saving you energy and money. It also lessens the possibility for costlier repairs in the future.

The last thing to consider is your furnace’s age. It could be that your furnace is simply past its prime. If it is more than 15 years old, you may consider buying a new one. True, it can be a large up-front expense; but today’s furnaces are much more energy efficient, so it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Besides, you can’t put a price on warmth and comfort.