It’s still mighty cold here in the Las Vegas valley, so you certainly want your furnace in tip-top shape! If you hear your forced-air gas furnace start to kick in, but then it shuts right back down again, here are some troubleshooting tips you can try:

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Before you do anything, check your filter

If it isn’t clean, replace it. Of course, make sure your furnace is on and the gas supply is open. If these things don’t apply, turn your furnace and the gas off and grab your flashlight, a screwdriver, and some medium grain sandpaper. We’re going in.

If you have been hearing your furnace click as if it wants to start, but it’s just not making it all the way on, then you may have a dirty ignitor/sensor.

Grab the manual

Take a look at the manual for your furnace and ensure that there are no error codes on the thermostat. If you do not have a more serious problem, (like a malfunction or faulty ignitor), then move on to the next step.

Remove the front panel and find your ignitor/sensor (your manual will help you with this)

Use your screwdriver to remove it. Use the sandpaper to gently clean the probe on the sensor.

Replace the ignitor, being sure to do it just as it was. Replace the front panel. Turn the furnace and gas back on. Now, see if it is able to get started.

If your furnace still cannot seem to get going, it’s time to call in the Las Vegas furnace repair professionals. Be sure to tell them what troubleshooting you’ve done on your own so that they may better diagnose the issue!

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