Did you spill mustard on your shirt while eating on the go in the car?

Are you staying in a hotel that charges a fortune for their laundry services?

Is your utility bill just way too high and can’t find the time to contact a Las Vegas HVAC professional?

Are you backpacking across Europe with limited space for add-ons?

Did you decide to go camping with a few buddies and didn’t bring enough closes?

A few innovative travelers have developed a product that virtually allows its users to wash clothes anywhere.  The product is known as Scrubba, and basically functions as a travel wash bag. This invention makes it possible for you to wash dirty clothes on the road, while backpacking in Europe or even in your own backyard.

The process is simple:

1. Add clothes, water and detergent into the wash bag

2. Deflate the bag

3. Rub the bag and its contents firmly against a hard surface

4. Use the convenient drain plugs to remove soapy residue

5.  Add water to rinse clothes

6.  Squeeze bag to release excess water

7.  Find a resourceful place to hang dry your item!

This product is great for green movement enthusiasts who want to better the environment. To some it may seem like we are going back in time, but to others this is a great way to take advantage of our natural resources in a new, innovative way. 

Quickly gaining popularity in the United States, Australia and Russia, the developers decided to also expand on this nifty product.  Since it is most used by backpackers across the globe, Scrubba also invented a travelers kit.  Not only does this include the wash bag, but it also comes with a mesh backpack, a portable clothing line and a travel towel; perfect for whatever messes may come your way. The travelers kit runs about $100 and the travel wash bag alone runs $6o, but think about the money you will be saving after you make the initial investment!

Advantages to Scrubba

  • Less money spent on monthly utility bills
  • Bettering the environment
  • The ability to “Clean Clothes Anywhere”
  • A wash bag that weighs less than 5 ounces!
  • Unique scrubbing beads within the wash bag that cleans clothes better than your typical hand wash

Make some significant changes this year, by going greener with unique energy saving tools.  After all, who doesn’t want to help the environment?