Who said solar energy couldn’t be pretty?  Artist Michael Grätzel from Switzerland recently developed some mind-blowing technology, that could change the way we think about solar energy.  Deemed a genius by numerous publications, Grätzel has already been awarded for his innovative efforts in Finland.  Recently, he won a whopping $1 million Millennium Technology Prize so he could further his research and bring bigger and better items to the world of solar energy consumption.


What Makes Michael Grätzel’s Work Unique?

Think color, color and more color!  His concepts are both fun and funky.  Think abstract art meets contemporary living.  They include fun textiles such as mesh and fans that are overall amusing to view.  Step away from the unruly black tiles that first come to mind when you think solar power, and think more about bright, cheerful designs by contrast.  His indoor items have broken barriers ,and truly made an impact for all to see.

The Increase of Solar Energy Consumption

Solar energy was one time limited to outdoor use.  To this day people still think of solar paneling on a business or homeowner’s roof.  Although this is what Las Vegas HVAC may actually still mean to many corporations, this is no longer the only place solar energy is present.  With our increased use of technology comes the increased need for energy; mainly in regards to electronics.  Think about all the items in your household you find yourself charging on a regular basis.  Then think about how much money you are spending to charge said items over a 6-month basis.  It may shock you.  This is where Grätzel found the need for his stylish products, and ran with it.

New Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Michael Grätzel did not solely win a $1 million award in 2010 because spectators thought his solar cells were pretty.  Grätzel also brought new ideas to the table when it comes to converting energy effectively through solar power.  His product line includes dye-sensitized solar cells that reinvent the way items absorb and convert energy.  The bright colors of his creations come from photosensitive dye, which uses a layer of titanium dioxide nanoparticles to absorb light at a lower cost point.

It is no secret that Michael Grätzel is a pioneer in the world of interior design and solar energy.  This great mind can also check off being an author, chemist and teacher from his bucket list.  Look out for this artist/inventor who is changing the world of energy as we know it!