It’s cold outside and your heater is broken. While you wait for heater repair in Las Vegas, there are some things that can be done to bring warmth to your home. Here are some tips for keeping cozy, which will be of great use until your heater is fixed.

The Sun is your Friend

If the sun is still out, try to bring as much sunlight into your house as possible. Take away any items directing sunlight away from your house, allowing for the maximum amount of sunshine to hit your property. Open all curtains and blinds, bringing in heat and light while the sun is still shining. If the temperature outside is hotter than inside your home, open as many windows as possible to naturally heat your house.


Seal up Everything

Make sure to secure all possible openings for outside air. Latch each window shut and seal all doorways with weather stripping or towels to prevent airflow from entering your home. Close all unused rooms, which can take away heat from the rest of the house. Insulate your attic, which often allows heat to escape, to further seal your property from the harsh weather outside.

Use your Resources

Think of this as an emergency scenario and round up as many heating devices as possible. Light candles to provide a little bit of heat to room, and turn on as many incandescent lights as you can. These small sources of warmth add up, but make sure to keep them under watch. Do some baking, which will provide heat to the kitchen, as well as something warm to eat. But make sure to limit the amount of steam you produce, which will absorb heat in the air and create a colder house.

If All Else Fails

Find as many long-sleeved shirts and pants as you can find, and pile them on. Multiple layers work while outside, so it will certainly keep you warm inside your home. Grab somebody (child, spouse, pet, etc.) and cuddle with them. Keep each other warm through the use of your body heat. If all of these tips still can’t keep you comfortable, take a trip away from your cold house to somewhere hotter.

Losing heat in your home is a difficult thing to overcome, but it is possible with the proper know-how and supplies. For the best heating and air in Las Vegas, contact Windy City Air at (702) 932-7284.