Although Southern Nevada isn’t known for having cold weather, it can still get chilly here during the winter months; making it all the more important that we put some effort into heating in Las Vegas.  For those who love having the latest gadgets, here are four new ones to help you stay on the cutting edge of staying warm.


Instead of relying solely on your body to keep you warm, this jacket has temperature sensors to detect when it’s cold out. It uses a lithium battery and conductive fabric and thread to heat up and keep out the winter chill.

For the Pup

While similar to the jacket, this pad captures your dog’s own body heat and radiates it back to your dog. There’s no need to worry about whether or not you’ve forgotten to turn it on or off like with electric pads, and you have the comfort of knowing your dog will always be nice and warm!

heating system for dogs

photo by John Talbot


Perfect for those who need to eat on the run! These soup cans rely on a mild, generating chemical reaction that when activated will be hot enough to give you a warm meal anywhere, without needing a microwave.


Even with the best gloves it can be tough to keep your hands warm. These gloves work in the same way as the jacket, using a lithium battery to generate warmth when they’re in a cold environment.

What do you think?  Would you use like these, or are the old-fashioned ones good enough? For professional Las Vegas AC repair, contact Windy City Air at 702.932.7284.