Winter is here, and that means it’s time to crank up the heat (and utility bills). But before you turn up that thermostat, make sure your home is prepared with the proper decor to retain all that heat. Yes, home decor can lower your heating bill. Sound too good to be true? Check out these trendy tips that will help keep your house cozy, without raising your utility bills.

New Paint

“Warm tones” is more than just a figure of speech – did you know that colors can affect your heating costs? Dark, rich tones on both the inside and outside of your house attract heat and absorb it, retaining warmth from both the sun and your heater. Similarly, if you have wood floors, consider a darker stain, which will offer the same heat conducting warmth for your feet, which is much more pleasant than those cold tiles.

absorbing heat in your home

photo by Jeremiah and Reagan Kemper 

Window Treatments

Your windows let out a lot more heat than you realize – as much as 10 to 20 percent. How do you trap your warm air inside where it belongs? If you haven’t already, install some double-pane windows with gas centers, which will stop the heat from escaping through the windows. Going a step further, wooden blinds, cellular shades, and solar screens can all increase the efficiency of both the heating and cooling of your home, as can window tinting. All of these alternatives look amazing and will add dynamic to your decor. Treat those windows that face the rising sun.

Even simpler, adorn your windows with heavy drapes. Darker colors and richer fabrics keep heat in during the winter and the sun out during the summer. As a bonus, you can open them any time you desire to let in as much light as you please, yet close them during the brightest times to protect your furniture from fading.

heating your home with drapes

photo by Jonathan Warner

Decorative Insulation

Forget that itchy pink stuff; instead, you can use rich fabrics to insulate your bedroom (and make it quieter in the process). As mentioned above, begin with thick drapes over the windows. Next, add quality area rugs over your bare floors. Finally, decorator pillows and throws add to the cozy feeling, and invites snuggling.

Another way to use fabrics is to make removable wallpaper. This is a perfect alternative to painting or regular wallpaper if you are a renter or like to change your decor with the seasons. All you need is enough fabric to cover the wall, fabric starch, a paint roller (or sponge), and a paint pan. Once you’ve fitted the fabric to your clean walls, apply the starch and smooth the fabric into place. You may want to use pushpins to hold it while it dries. Trim the ends once completely dry. To remove, begin at the corners and peel it off. You may have to wet it down with some water first. You may then wash and apply a new fabric. You can even wash the fabric to use again elsewhere, a great tip for holidays or seasonal decorations.

Try these tips and your home will be transformed into a cozy haven. For more information about heating, or to find home furnace or AC repair in Las Vegas, contact Windy City Air at (702) 932-7284.