Are you the one in the office that wears five layers and dons mittens while everyone else complains they’re cold? Do you have a studio that seems more like a refrigerator? Even with proper home heater maintenance, some rooms can still be a bit too chilly.  create a candle heater. Light, portable, decorative, and oh-so-easy, you will feel toasty warm in no time.

How it works

Simply put, you are trapping the heat given off by a small candle and concentrating it in a metal and ceramic construction. The ceramic then radiates it to your room, much the same way an electric space heater works.


  • 3  unglazed ceramic pots, each smaller than the next by at least 1”
  • Metal washers: two extra-large, three large, three medium, and eight small
  • Seven nuts
  • One bolt, long enough to connect all the ceramic pots.


Use the washers and nuts to create a tower of metal on the bolt inside the three pots, being sure to space the pots apart with the nuts and washers. It should look something like this:

You may find a simple stand at your favorite home store, or you may construct one out of brackets. It should house the candle of your choice (either a tea light on a platform or a candle jar) and elevate the pot construction just above the flame.


Please bear in mind that the pot construction will get very hot. Also, never leave a candle unattended, under any circumstances.

If your room or office is still a bit colder than you’d like, give this little candle heater a try. Get creative and mix up colors, or use scented candles to give your room a great fragrance while keeping cozy. For the best heater or ac repair in Las Vegas, contact Windy City Air at 702.932.7284.