The cold winter months can be a costly time for homeowners. With heating costs at their peak during the holiday season, keeping your home warm can eat away at your wallet. But innovations in solar-thermal technology aim to lower heating costs, saving you money on Las Vegas furnace repair.

A research and development team at Wake Forrest University has invented a device that allows for the collection of solar energy from both the sun’s heat, as well as its visible light. This energy-efficient technology can save homeowners as much as 40% on energy costs, providing extra spending money during the holiday season.
Using polymer solar-thermal based cells enclosed in clear tubes, this new solar technology can collect more energy than many commercially available flat solar panels.
These solar-thermal tubes can convert four times more solar energy to power than typical solar panels. These new solar-thermal breakthroughs are not available yet, but are expected to hit the market in the near future. Solar technology continues to advance, providing you with cheaper ways to keep a warm home when the weather outside is frightful.

Main Photo Credit: International Rivers