With the winds picking up and the weather getting chillier, you may have finally turned off the AC and thought about hitting the heat. What does your room heater look like? Is it ugly? You can fix that! Home heater sales in Las Vegas, and all over, have gone to the quirky. No longer are you stuck with a metal grated gadget that just sits there looking all…square and boring. Now, you may be able to add fabulous, Vegas-style form to your function. Modern technology has brought us different materials that allow fun and chic shapes, textures, and installation locations that meet the rigorous demands of modern home decorating.

new wall heater design

photo by Brett and Sue Coulstock 

1. Electric Wall Heaters

It may be as simple as adding a fashionable cover to your existing wall heater, or as fun as replacing your electric wall heater with one that looks like modern art. Bathroom heaters, in particular, have really taken off with this art form. The crossing wires are no longer an ugly burden so much as they have become the style. Some examples include wired fish skeletons and wires that turn into flower stems. Flat-paneled metal heaters include those that are shaped like the moon, animals, and even human silhouettes.

2. Ceiling Heaters

Popping up all over Europe, and hopefully soon here in the States, are ceiling-hung radiant heaters. Previously only used in shops and warehouses, these heaters have finally taken a trendy turn.

3.Portable Radiant Heaters

It started with those infomercials for the “realistic” looking, portable fireplace heaters. Now, you see the convenient plug-in fireplaces everywhere. But, not everyone’s décor lends itself to fake fire logs. The new radiant heaters aren’t just boxy wood-paneled wonders anymore. Now they come in all shapes and sizes, and most are constructed with solid wood. Because you can touch these heaters directly without fear of burning or combusting, they’ve started a new craze called “object warming appliances” and have graced everything from suitcases to coffee tables to pet beds.

Consider the Phoebe electric radiator, designed to look like a rock in a Zen garden. Made of stacked sections of lamellar, the heat comes from the core. This is just one of many innovative designs by MrSmith Studio, Italy. Once more, Europe is ahead of us in style.

Other fun and fashionable portable heaters include some that look just like giant dice (go Vegas!) ottomans, and even armoires.

4. Getting Creative with Dinosaurs

Imagine heating your room with dinosaur bones. A cast iron heat exchanger shaped like a Tyrannosaurus, to be exact. Created by designers from the Art Lebedev Studio, this dyno-magic design replaces your old radiator. No more banging on the heater with a wooden spoon – unless you want to lose your arm.

5. A Heater and a Window Seat

If your home or apartment has one of those unsightly, lurking metal radiators, fear not. You are no longer stuck with working around it – you can work with it. Not only are there paints that you can use to make it fit in with the rest of the room better, but you may decide to build over, around, and next to it to make it part of the room. For instance, you could build out a shelf over the top of a low, long radiator, add some shelving around the side, and create a sophisticated window seat.

When it comes to fashionable home heating, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Have you seen (or invented) a fun or beautiful room heater? Tell us about it! For the best in heater and air conditioning repair in Las Vegas, contact Windy City Air at 702.932.7284.