#1 – Wear Self-Heating Pajamas

Do you pile on your PJs trying to keep warm? You’ll be happy to know that George at Asda’s got you covered. They’ve designed thermal pajamas that are made of a special weaved fiber that wicks your skins moisture and reuses it as heat energy. Toasty!

#2 – Radiator Reflectors

Make sure your home heater maintenance is up-to-date, and then increase that heater’s effectiveness by reflecting a significant amount of the heat back into the room. These easy-to-install energy savers virtually stop heat loss on the back side of radiators. In the old days, we were stuck with wrapping cardboard with tinfoil and slipping it behind the radiator. Now, technology has caught up to fashion and we have lots of fun and beautiful options.

#3 – Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

It may seem counter intuitive, but counter turning your ceiling fan will actually bring warm air down and back into the room. If you have high or vaulted ceilings, this tip will really help.Between bundling up and blowing heat down, you should have a much toastier and less expensive winter. Check back for more tips on heater, furnace and air conditioning repair in Las Vegas.