If you’ve bundled up to stay warm, then reflected back and reversed circulated your heat to cut down costs, you might want to check out these other money-saving tips to save on your furnace or AC repair in Las Vegas.

#1 – Wrap Your Water Heater in a Jacket

If your water didn’t come with built-in insulation, you can purchase a jacket at your local hardware store for around $20. Simply wrap it around your water heater, and it won’t have to work so hard.

#2 – Hang Blackout Curtains

No longer just for air raids and day sleepers, blackout curtains will not only block light and reduce noise, they will also help reduce your energy costs. By blocking the thermal energy from exiting your windows, you could save up to 25% in heating loss.

#3 – Silicone Your House’s Cracks

Light some incense and walk it around near your doors, floorboards, and windows. If the smoke blows towards you, you’ve caught a crack that’s letting in cold air. While you’re at the hardware store, grab a tube of caulk and fix those leaks.

It’s amazing how much money you can save with simple, inexpensive fixes. We hope you see your winter heating bills plummet this year.