True or false? During the winter months, you should turn your heat off every time you leave the house.

False! This will put more stress on your Boulder City HVAC than necessary. Turning your system completely off or down extremely low whenever you leave the house means your heater has to work twice as hard when you return. In turn, this could also mean wasted electricity due to system overhaul.

Instead, merely turn your heat down slightly when you leave the home. Most thermostats nowadays also have programming options. This should be easy to access; the system controls can usually be found underneath the front interface. Here, you will see options to set times of the day when your house will be warmer or colder. For example, at night you can adjust the temperature to be around 65 since everyone will be sleeping; but at 8:00 AM when everyone is starting their day, you can set your thermostat to increase to 69. This way, not only is your system prepared for the change, but you don’t even have to think about it.

heating your home when it's cold out

photo by blmiers2

True or false? Larger rooms will always be colder than the smaller ones.

Again, this is false. If you notice that some rooms are obviously much colder than other rooms, this is an issue with your heating system. You should seek out a heater repair company in order to equalize the temperature of your home. HVAC professionals can pinpoint the exact cause of the inconsistency, such as unwanted drafts lowering the temperature of certain rooms. It could also be due to unopened vents or outdated air filters. Either way, don’t be limited to an electric blanket or space heater in certain rooms when all it takes is one call to the right professional to fix the issue.

Windy City Air Conditioning and Heating is your local source when it comes to Boulder City HVAC repair. This family-owned business can be trusted to accurately analyze your in-home system. If your heater does indeed need to be replaced or repaired, Windy City Air will also offer a one-year warranty on all parts replaced!

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