Living in the desert means sunny skies and warm temperatures all the time, right? Wrong. Las Vegas is full of surprises when it comes to weather. Temperatures range from the mid 20s to over 120 degrees in the summer! Additionally, sometimes it rains and once in a while, it even frosts or snows! What’s more, the weather can change at the drop of a hat. What are the best ways to deal with these extreme temperatures when you live in Sin City?

Winter Woes

Think frozen pipes only happen on the east coast or up north? Wrong again. Las Vegas residents find themselves concerned with pipes bursting just like you would anywhere else. Sometimes the concern is even greater in this area due to the fact that the temperature can drop at a drastic rate. One day, the low is 54; the next day, it’s 24. Before you know it, the news has a surplus of stories about homes with frozen pipes both inside and outside of the residence. What can you do to keep your home safe during the cold months of December through March?

Make sure an HVAC professional stops by your home during the fall months. HVAC professionals can analyze your heating system and pipes before the cold weather hits, and ensure that your home is ready to embrace the chill of the colder season. This is important when it comes to preventing higher than anticipated utility bills, the previously discussed burst pipes, and even the loss of heat for a certain period of time. Remember, heater repair is always available in case of an emergency, but you want to prevent future disasters as much as possible.

The summer heat is what locals have to deal with most of the time. Since this is the biggest concern, many homes are already well equipped to stay cool even with extreme temperatures outside. Again, preparation is key. Have a Las Vegas HVAC professional stop by to check your air filters and AC system.

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