If you’re looking for a way to combine form and function in your office, consider a photosynthesis lamp. This hanging lamp uses a “grow light” that provides the right type of light to promote plant growth.  Instead of using a solid shade, the outside of the lamp has a painted metal grid that’s perfect for growing vines. The lamp has a round hole in the center near the bottom to hold the pot. As the plant grows, you can train the vines to climb on the grid, creating both a natural lampshade and illuminating your space.

The lamp is a unique way to bring the outdoors in and increase the quality of your indoor air quality at the same time. Plants absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen into the air and NASA lists English Ivy as the top performer for improving indoor air quality, making it a good solution for a stuffy indoor environment and an attractive lamp.

This will be an item that is sure to keep your coworkers talking.  Don’t forget to make sure you plant stays strong and healthy with adequate heating and air sources in your office space.

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