Looking to rent a place? Perhaps you are looking to buy a new home. What type of heat is ideal and will actually save you money?

Electric Heat

There are two huge advantages when it comes to electric heat and Henderson heater repair:

(1) Heat can be adjusted in every single room

(2) You only have an electric bill and you can kiss the gas bill goodbye.

The real beauty of electric heat is the fact that you can adjust the temperature in every room. Do you have an extra guest room? You only have to turn the heat on when someone is actually staying there. Do you have an in-home office? Again, the heat only has to be turned on when the room is actually being used. Additionally, when it comes to electric heat, usually every floor heater has temperature control. This is utterly important when it comes to keeping infants warm or the living room warmer than the kitchen. Also, as we previously stated, who wouldn’t like to only receive an electric bill?

Gas Heat

Some people do prefer gas heat. One advantage is that it’s less of a hassle. Instead of having to worry about the temperature in each and every room, as long as there are zero zoning issues and no need for heater maintenance, your home is safely heated all around to a consistent temperature.

Secondly, with gas heat comes a gas stove. Even though electric stoves can be easier to clean and are preferred by many, they are not necessarily the favored choice. Gas stoves allow for better temperature control, and most professional chefs choose gas stoves over electric alternatives. Electric heat usually means sacrificing the open flame of a gas stove. Is this something your household finds acceptable? If not, you may want to rethink electric heating.

If you find yourself in a stitch and in need of immediate Henderson heater repair, don’t panic. Contact Windy City Air (a member of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce) for assistance at (702) 932-7284 or schedule a free appointment online for all of your Las Vegas AC repair and service needs.