1. Color coordinate the items on your desk. Color coordination is the simplest way to decorate your office for the holidays without spending too much money or messing up your workflow. Try orange, dark green and red sticky notes. Even consider buying that red stapler you saw at the dollar store and use colored paper for notes to yourself.

2. Swap out the photos that you keep on your desk of friends, family and loved ones with holiday themed pictures. If you don’t have holiday themed photos, simply switch the frames to more festive ones that will give your cubicle a bit of holiday spirit.
3. Purchase a miniature Christmas tree and put it on your desk. You don’t want to take up so much space in your work area that you won’t be able to work efficiently, so make sure the tree and decorations are in the corner or even on top of a file cabinet. Utilize a space that you don’t use constantly or an area that is considered dead space.


4. Put a small dish of holiday candy somewhere on your desk. Miniature candy canes or peppermint candies are perfect for the holiday season. That way when people drop by to discuss work with you they can take a treat back to their desk.
5. Hang a fall wreath on a wall of your cubicle where you don’t hang important work documents. You can find festive wreaths in many different stores, and they don’t have to be holiday themed, making them ideal for large offices where you may not want to display religious holiday items.
6. Place a few ceramic pumpkins or gourds on your desk for a full fall effect. While you can use real miniature pumpkins if you want to, make sure you get them off your desk before they go bad, otherwise they may start leave an unpleasant odor.
7. Fill a clear glass container with inexpensive holiday ornaments, this way all of your decorations will be contained in a small area but will remain visible. You can also display pinecones and mistletoe in a glass container without making a mess.
8. If you’re like most people, you probably drink coffee or tea while you’re at work, especially when you’re focused on a busy project. Instead of that typical, boring coffee mug you use every day, try switching your mug to one that’s more festive. You can even give mugs out or leave them in the break room for other employees to use!
9. Hang a string of lights. You don’t have to get bright, multi-colored lights – even a string of soft white lights can add a bit of holiday whimsy to your workspace without looking tacky. Hang the lights a little bit lower than the top of the partition so they don’t bother others in your office or disturb any of the interior heating and air.
10. Change your computer’s desktop background. A winter scene with snow-capped trees and mountains or a picture of fall foliage in full bloom will make your cubicle fall-friendly without taking desk or wall space.
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