How can you save money on both heating and cooling bills in Las Vegas? Follow our list of easy tips and tricks when it comes to local temperature control:

1. Wear the right amount of clothes inside.

Yes, inside. During both the cold and warm months, it can be easy to wear too little or too much indoors. In the winter, don’t strip down as soon as you walk in the house. Change into comfortable clothes, but wear items like flannel pajamas and sweatshirts. Don’t find yourself wandering around in a tank top and wondering why you need to put the heat on full blast.

The same goes for the summer. Purchase the right type of sleepwear and buy bedding and sheets that can breathe. With the way temperatures drop at night, don’t be afraid to crack the window in your room, either.

dressing appropriately indoors
photo by Vincent Diamante

2. Use unique heating and cooling tools.

Rather than only taking advantage of the main source of heating and air conditioning when it comes to Henderson HVAC, use other resources. If you bedroom tends to be chillier than other rooms in the household, for example, keep a space heater or electric blanket handy. The same goes for if your room tends to be naturally warmer. Make sure you have a fan for your desk so you can cool off quicker. Dyson makes neat fans that will help keep you cooler for an affordable price.

3. Get out of the house.

Going out more to save money? Does this sound absolutely absurd? Not necessarily. Public places obviously have a higher budget when it comes to Henderson HVAC, so it’s a way to keep your family comfortable during extreme weather. Consider seeing a local show, heading the movies, shopping, doing some light gambling, or even going to the gym! It’s a great way to encourage more family time, meet new people, and save money in the long run.

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