As much as many women hate to admit it, the glass ceiling still exists, and this tends to hold true for some industries more than others. When it comes to labor-intensive industries such as HVAC and construction, women often find it difficult to get the respect they deserve. As a result, certain organizations exist in order to encourage women to strive in their industry of choice even if they are the minority.

Working woman
Females and other minorities often need extra support

Women in HVACR is a woman-based organization helping women in the HVAC industry connect across the United States. Their goal is to help females connect with like-minded individuals in order to build a stronger network. Organizations like this prove that strength in numbers does help people to succeed. Who knows? In 20 years, women could actually dominate the industry!

Being a woman in the HVAC industry does not necessarily mean you have to get down and dirty. Sure, you could be a HVAC technician; but the workplace is certainly not limited to this title. Many women are happily HVAC business owners, partners, office managers, schedulers, communication directors, and more. Like any industry, it has its array of titles and hats to be worn.

A businesswoman hard at work
Women can be successful in any role

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