Photo by Phoenix_ac

Today, ice sculpting is not reserved only for those who live in frigid climates. Thanks to modern climate control, beautiful ice sculptures can be seen in the most unlikely climates – even in the desert of Las Vegas. Take a look at some of the most fabulous ice sculptures from around the world.

1. Minus 5

With two locations in Las Vegas, Minus 5 is a sensational experience that combines the famed Vegas nightlife with the ingenuity of precise climate control. This is anything but your typical bar. With a constant temperature of minus 5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit), this club is home to countless ice sculptures and ice furniture. Visitors are equipped with Eskimo style gear as they roam through the rooms made entirely of ice – right down to the serving glasses.

Photo by Adam Selwood

Photo by Phoenix_ac

Photo by Steve Collis

2. Ottawa Winterlude Festival

Located in the Ontario province of Canada, the Ottawa Winterlude Festival displays breathtaking displays of ice sculpting annually. Artists can submit their sculptures to compete in contests, and the sculptures are illuminated in various colors once the sun goes down.

Photo by John Vetterli

Photo by Dmitri Lytov

3. Harbin Ice Festival

One of the world’s largest ice festivals, the Harbin Ice Festival occurs every year in Northeast China. While there are many attractions and displays throughout the area, the main attractions are located on Sun Island, where entire full sized buildings are made from giant blocks of ice.

Photo by Farm

Of course those of us living in warmer climates know that it takes a lot of preparation to keep ice from melting almost instantly in the heat. To prolong ice longevity (or just promote comfortable living!) those of us in warmer areas rely on air conditioning. If you are looking for Las Vegas AC repair, be sure to contact Windy City Air at (702) 932-7284 to keep your living space at a happy temperature.