Your coworkers all know you are off to a fabulous place. You have been saving up your funds and not to mention paid time off days in order to have one big vacation mid-year. This is not a family vacation, but a steamy getaway for you and your husband. Did you pack all of the right things and are you ready to face the intense summer heat?

This is a vacation and obviously the ultimate goal is to enjoy it. The first way you should be focusing on trying to stay cool is by diving right into the nearest lake, ocean or pool. Let your hair down, put on that new bikini and practice your backstroke. The water will keep you cool and you will be more likely to get a killer tan that you can show off when you return to work. Plus you will be less likely to become dehydrated or overheat.

Try not to drink too many alcoholic beverages. Sometimes the only thing you crave is an ice cold beer in the heat, but this may not be the smartest option. It will only dehydrate you more. And in the event you are wearing a tiny bikini, beer could also make you bloat and those pictures will not come out the way you had hoped. Keep a bottle of water handy and even maybe a sports drink especially if you plan on steadily drinking.

Don’t be afraid to go inside. Ok, you traveled in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but that does not mean you have to always be outside. There is such as thing as too much sunlight. Indoors there will be ample air conditioning to cool down your body temperature. Air conditioner repair Las Vegas trusts to stay on top of all their ac maintenance since it is certainly needed with some of the unbearable desert temperatures. And commercial AC repair Las Vegas is even more prepared for the hot temperatures since their ultimate goal is to keep their customers happy.

Don’t worry, your coworkers will still be envious of your great tan and ability to just sit back and relax while they were working on task after task. Enjoy every minute of your romantic vacation because you deserve it. Trust Windy City Air with all of your Las Vegas air conditioning needs.