Cooling your home, especially in the hot summer months can get expensive. If you leave the air conditioning running all day every day, depending on the size of your home, your cooling bills will be outrageous. Make sure you are following some easy steps this summer to save yourself some money and keep your house cool and comfortable.

1. Use effective shading in your home. Get darker shades that block sunlight and keep them closed in the afternoon, which is bound to be the hottest part of the day. Just the rays shining through can take the temperature of your house up by 10 degrees.

2. Use your ceiling fans! They are there for a reason. Your ceiling fans alone can drop the temperature of your house dramatically. Not only do they drop the temperature of your home, but also they circulate the air which prevents your house from becoming stuffy.

3. Choose effective landscaping. Trees serve a purpose. Heating and air Las Vegas depends a lot on what surrounds your home. If your house is surrounded by rocks and gravel, they are bound to soak up more of the sunlight causing the perimeter of your house and the inside of your house to be warmer. If you are choosing trees in your landscaping which shades your house, you house will stay cooler.

4. Keep your doors and windows closed. When your air conditioner is on, your doors and all ways air can enter into your home should be closed. Keeping your house closed tight during the day will help keep things cool, just remember to open those windows at night and let the cool air back in.

These are just a few ways you can keep your home cooler this upcoming summer. If you need more tips or want to make sure your Las Vegas HVAC is in top shape, then call Windy City Air. Windy City Air is a leading air conditioning repair company that will make sure you are getting the most for your cooling money this summer. Powered By Las Vegas SEO company: ADvisemedia Group