A clean house is a happy house, but sometimes, you just can’t seem to clean enough! This is a common problem in Southern Nevada, and there are a number of causes that could contribute to this problem. What you may not realize is, most of the reasons you’re probably having to dust more often than usual have a lot to do with your household climate control system. This can lead to some serious health-related problems, not to mention all that time you’re wasting on housecleaning!

Companies specializing in Las Vegas AC repair can tell you that a malfunctioning air system can cause a lot more problems than just extra cleaning. You see, one prime component in household dust is dry, dead human skin. This in turn can attract dust mites, which are microscopic arachnids (like spiders) that feed on the debris. When your air system isn’t working properly, it can actually help distribute dust around your home, creating more opportunities for dust mites to feed, breed, and cause your family misery.
Another reason your home may be extra-dusty, even after intensive cleaning, is because your weather stripping is aged, worn, or torn. When this happens, you lose the tight seal, which keeps the elements and outside dirt from entering your home. This in turn can make your HVAC system work harder, and the air has to come from somewhere. When your air conditioner or heater kicks on, it redistributes the dust and dirt, causing your house to look dirty no matter how often you clean!

Yet another explanation for your dust problem could be your filters. The HVAC system uses filtration to keep dust out of the air, but these filters only work for so long. When they become blocked by dirt and dust, they can no longer do the job. This in turn knocks some of the dust that’s already present in the system loose. It comes out in the air and lands on your furniture.

Cleaning the house is a pain anyway, but if you notice your house isn’t getting or staying as clean as you’d like it to be, there’s a good chance your air conditioning or heating system is to blame. To get it working the way it should and cut your cleaning time, not to mention your utility bills, contact Windy City Air for your heating air conditioning Las Vegas needs. It’s good for your home, and your family, to make sure you have the cleanest home possible! Powered by Las Vegas SEO company: ADviseMediaGroup