One of the first things a Las Vegas AC repair and air conditioning company will do when they come out on a service call is check your ducts to make sure they’re working the way they are supposed to. Duct leakage is one of the most commonly overlooked, causes of climate control problems, so if simple troubleshooting measures don’t correct your problem, checking the ductwork to ensure it’s working as it should is the logical next step.

A duct leakage tester is a relatively simple device, consisting of three basic parts: a calibrated fan, a register-sealing system, and a flow measurement device. This tells the technician running the test whether the ductwork is properly sealed at any given location. The data generated by a duct leakage tester can help narrow down the location and severity of any leaks in the system and give you and your HVAC technician the information you need to decide the best course of action.

A block or leak in your duct system can result in you literally throwing money out the window, because your system has to work harder and less efficiently while still not working nearly as well. These malfunctions can cost you hundreds of dollars every year, just in extra electric bills alone! Clearly, when such a problem develops, getting it taken care of as quickly as possible becomes important, but if you don’t know where to start, you could find yourself wasting even more time and money chasing down phantom problems.

This is where the duct tester becomes so important. If one section of the duct checks out, then you move to the next. If there is a leak to be found in the system, this device will help pin it down and localize it so you know just how big or small a problem you’re dealing with.

Luckily, most duct problems are as simple to correct as mating one section back to another. As your home settles, it plays havoc with the pipes and ducts. This is a gradual process, generally speaking, which can be measured in minute increments of an inch annually. For this reason, it could be twenty years or more before you ever notice a problem, but when you do, you need a properly trained heating and air Las Vegas company to get you all the information you need. In Sin City, that means Windy City Air! Powered by Las Vegas SEO company: ADviseMediaGroup