Duct leakage is one of the most likely and most overlooked reasons why your home heating and cooling system might not be working at peak efficiency. Over time, your house will settle, no matter how sturdy the foundation or how well built your home. When this happens, you’ll often notice small cracks in the wall, unsettling creaks and groans in the middle of the night…and your plumbing and HVAC ductwork can separate at the joints.

This is particularly problematic because when the duct work separates, it causes leaks. It’s no accident that standby of every do-it-yourself homeowner’s tool kit, duct tape, is named what it is. Duct tape was originally intended to temporarily patch gaps in ventilation ducts, creating a seal, which prohibited chilled or heated air from leaking out and turning one room into an oven while leaving the next room an igloo.

Today, of course, duct tape has become one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the handyman’s arsenal. Besides, duct tape isn’t a permanent fix, no matter what kind of tape you use.

If leaking ductwork isn’t repaired, the same problem will keep asserting itself over and over, resulting in more expense in the form of higher utility bills and, naturally, the use of more duct tape. Often, simply rejoining the offset sections can correct the problem, but there are other reasons your ducts can leak.

One thing people rarely consider when hanging pictures or ornaments on their walls is what’s behind them. Especially in homes with ceilings at different heights, it’s easy to put a nail into a blank wall and punch a hole in the thin sheet metal which makes up the duct. Now, one hole by itself, particularly if there’s a nail blocking it off, doesn’t mean much, but if you get several holes in one section or you have to pull out the nails, this can cause leakage as well.

When your utility bill starts jumping inexplicably and you can’t find any other cause, a heating and air Las Vegas professional can conduct a simple leak test to determine if the system is airtight. Getting your ductwork repaired as soon as possible will minimize the expense and make it less likely you’ll have to go through it again soon. And if you think you’re spending a lot of money on the front end, just imagine how many rolls of duct tape you’re saving yourself from buying! For the best in Las Vegas HVAC services, contact Windy City Air at 702.932.7284 for more information.

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