Like all motor- and engine-based machines, air conditioners and central heat units are designed to run only as long as they need to. Once they reach the temperature designated on your thermostat, they should cut off and not start again until the thermostat registers a specified rise in temperature. However, if your unit is running longer than it should and freezing or roasting you and your family or coworkers out, it indicates a big problem that needs to be checked quickly.

In this case, there may not be much you can do in the way of a do-it-yourself diagnostic or troubleshooting. A lot depends on the make, model, type, and age of your HVAC unit. Your safest bet is to call in a Las Vegas AC repair specialist like Windy City Air. Ordinarily on this blog, it is suggested you not call until you’ve checked the basics, but when the unit’s running too long, that suggest one of two things.

The first thing to be checked is the thermostat. Usually a simple adjustment can take care of this problem, but if an untrained person opens the thermostat, this can invalidate the warranty.

Sometimes, however, the thermostat unit will have to be replaced. A few simple tests such as a current conductivity and flow test will determine what’s most appropriate to your situation. If the thermostat is old or broken, a new one will generally solve the problem with ease.

However, if it’s not the thermostat, that leaves an internal malfunction in the heating or air conditioning unit there is another solution. This could be as simple as swapping out the sensor which is governed by the thermostat for a new one, or as complex as pulling the entire unit and replacing it. If that sounds financially daunting, consider how much money you stand to literally let blow out the window if the unit isn’t replaced. Generally, with the new energy-efficient models, even a brand-new one will pay for itself within two years of average use just in utility bill savings.

When your air conditioner or heater is running longer than it should, it costs you money and causes unnecessary wear and tear on the motor and other moving parts. Only an experienced air conditioning repair Las Vegas company can tell you for sure. For all your HVAC needs, contact Windy City Air and be sure you’re getting the best possible service at the best possible price! Powered by Las Vegas SEO company: ADviseMediaGroup