Many air conditioners rely on water as a circulating coolant, in addition to the Freon refrigerant that chills the air itself. As air passes over the cooling coils, condensation occurs because outside air always contains at least some moisture. With the air and its moisture also comes dust. Dust is the bane of any machine’s smooth operation, because dust tends to cake on over time and become dirt. This dirt can cause blockage in the drainage pipe that leads from the air conditioner to your toilet, resulting in a leak and a need to call in Las Vegas air conditioning repair company.

Leaks can be irritating and costly, particularly when an inside air conditioning unit is improperly installed. This is one of the most common complaints air conditioner repair Las Vegas technicians have to confront. The worst part about leaks is, you don’t know there’s a problem until you wake up to a puddle on your floor. These leaks can be especially problematic if you have electronics such as TVs, computers, or stereos near your air conditioning unit.

Everyone knows that electricity and water don’t mix, but many people don’t think about air conditioner leakage as a reason to keep your electronics well away.

The most common reasons for an air conditioner to leak are because the backing insulation is worn off, or the drain pipe wasn’t installed at a sufficient angle to allow proper drainage. There is a temporary solution, however. All you need is a shop vacuum that can suck up water. After locating the drainage pipe leading into your toilet’s tank, you simply run the vacuum until the pipe is clear. This can take some time if the pipe is badly clogged.

This is only a temporary fix, and sooner or later, you’ll have the same problem all over again because the interior moving parts of the air conditioner will still be covered in dust.The best and most efficient way to make sure leaks stop and don’t start up again is to contact a qualified air conditioning repair Las Vegas company.

Improper installation, dust and other environmental factors, and even the placement of your air conditioner within a given room can lead to leakage. Another common problem occurs when amateur handymen attempt to resolve the problem themselves. While this may work in the short term, over time, improper repairs can result in more expense and hassle, or even needing to replace the unit! When you find yourself with a leaky air conditioner, call Windy City Air at 702.932.7284 and get it done right the first time!