Furnace maintenance is simple for professionals because furnaces, at least to those skilled in them, are relatively simple devices, and we rely on them to keep our homes at livable temperatures through the winter. A basic furnace consists of three parts: a heat/cold source, a distribution system (the vent system), and a thermostat. While all these parts are designed to run for years with virtually no maintenance, sometimes things break down. When they do, knowing which part to look at first is an important part of getting your thermostat back to running order.

When your furnace stops working correctly, the first step is to make sure it’s receiving power. Check your breakers and fuses to be sure one hasn’t been tripped. If everything’s okay in the fuse box, it’s time to try resetting the system. There is usually a red button marked “Reset” on the main furnace assembly. Press this and wait thirty minutes. You may need to repeat this step up to three times. If it’s a gas unit, check the pilot light and make sure the furnace is receiving gas.

IMPORTANT: If the pilot light is off and you smell gas, GET OUT! Go to a neighbor’s house or use your cell phone outside and let the fire department or gas company know immediately. Similarly, if the breaker or fuse trips repeatedly, you have a problem in your home’s electrical system. Safety must ALWAYS be a priority when working on these systems, and there are just some things best left to the professionals.

Keeping your furnace clean, free of dust, and lubricated is essential to keeping your furnace running well. A clean system is more efficient, works better, and makes your home much more comfortable. The three things to clean are the filter system, the motor, and the blower. The motor and blower are simple to clean, and the filter is just a matter of replacement. If it looks clogged or dirty, change it out for a new one. A vacuum cleaner is a simple way to make sure you get all the dust out of your system.

If these steps don’t do the trick, then you may have a more serious problem and it’s time to call in your source for heating and air Las Vegas relies to keep the inside air comfortable no matter what the season.

Basic maintenance can prevent most problems and breakdowns, but sometimes a faulty part can be to blame. Only a certified HVAC technician can tell you for sure, so if your heater isn’t heater or air conditioner isn’t working, call Windy City Air for reliable and professional AC and furnace repair in Las Vegas.

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