“What’s wrong with this stupid furnace?” “I’ve got the thermostat set to 75 and it’s only 63 in here!” “I can’t feel any air coming out of the vents!” If this sounds like a conversation in your house, chances are you’ve got a furnace problem. Technicians for heating air conditioning Las Vegas relies on hear these complaints a lot, and they usually boil down to one of a handful of root causes. An experienced technician can generally figure out what’s going on in minutes, and most of these problems are relatively simple and inexpensive to correct.

We all know that dust is unattractive, allergen-rich, and everywhere. What you may not know is that dust and dirt over time can choke up your system, making it run less efficiently and causing a sharp jump in your gas or fuel oil heating bills because the system’s working harder than usual to accomplish less. The simplest way to prevent dust and dirt from becoming problems is to make sure you clean your furnace assembly regularly. Vacuum out the motor and blower and switch out your filters to prevent trapped dust in the system.

Industrial and residential furnaces undergo strict quality control tests at the factory, no matter what name’s on the casing. But sometimes, things go wrong. An unnoticed flaw or damage in transit can result in a furnace that doesn’t work as well as it’s supposed to, or at all. The problem Is, most of the parts that can fail are not visible to casual inspection.

A choked-off gas supply is another common problem. This can result from something as simple as the gas supply being accidentally turned off, dust, improper maintenance, or someone attempting to repair the system without knowing precisely what they’re doing. Any way you cut it, the results can range from a furnace that doesn’t work to a potentially dangerous or even deadly situation for you and your family. Safety is always the number-one consideration when performing maintenance or repair on any heating system.

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