Carbon monoxide is often called the silent killer, simply because
you don’t hear or see it coming. As the seasons change, many home owners are
firing up the furnace or the fireplace for the the first time. It is strongly
recommended that you have your heating system check each year by a trained
& licensed professional. Windy City is offering a 21 Point Safety
Inspection please call our office for details & mention this article &
receive a special price for our web customers. You should also insure that before
you start your fireplace for the season to check the  
damper. If the damper is not opened properly
you could become over powered by the fumes from the exhaust of the fireplace.
This could lead to serious injury & possibly death. If you have a wood burning
fireplace you should also have a trained professional chimney sweep, clean your
chimney annually. The reason is because when you burn wood one of the
byproducts of the burning is called Creosol. This Creosol builds up in the
chimney walls and could cause a fire to start in the chimney. For more information on heater

and AC repair in Las Vegas, contact Windy City Air at 702.932.7284.