The average Las Vegan, homeowner utility’s cost, to keep their food and other perishable foot items fresh is approximately 8% of their monthly electric bill.  This month’s Energy Miser Tip has (4) items you should check on a monthly basis to help you redue that cost a few dollars, and may take less than 5 minutes to complete.

1.  Check the gaskets on the doors of your refrigerator.  Check to make sure the gaskets are not cut or flattened.  Next, take a dollar bill insert it between the gasket & the refrigerator and close the door.  If you can pull the dollar bill out with little resistance you need to replace the door gaskets.

2.  Clean the coils underneath the refrigerator with your vacuum cleaner.

3.  If you have a refrigerator on your patio or in your garage, consider this:  When it is over 95 degrees outside that appliance consumes a lot more electricity.  You may want to consider unplugging it and using a cooler when you entertain.

4.  Try to keep your freezer full.  This will help reduce the run time of the compressor.

So do these things yourself &
your wallet a favor and check these items monthly!

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