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Annual Club Benefits

We offer fantastic benefits to our Premier Club members that will save you money year around.  Here are some great benefits that you will enjoy:

  • DISCOUNTS: On parts and labor for repairs, including this repair call.
  • SEASONAL MAINTENANCE: Included at no additional charge (when done during our normal business hours and in the “off-season”), saving you money!
  • INCREASED EQUIPMENT LIFE: Properly maintained equipment lasts longer, saving you money!
  • LOWER UTILITIES: Properly maintained heating and cooling equipment has a lower operating cost than non-maintained equipment, saving you money!
  • EMERGENCY SERVICE: At a discounted rate!
  • PRIORITY SERVICE: You’ll be serviced ahead of everyone else who has called (other than warranty calls and other Premiere Customer Club members.
  • INCREASED COMFORT: Properly maintained equipment cools better, heats better and dehumidifies better.
  • PROVIDES DOCUMENTATION: To potential buyers of your home that it’s heating/cooling equipment has been kept maintained and is in good operating condition.
  • INFLATION PROTECTION: You can pay today’s rate for maintenance up to three years in advance.
  • AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: No need to sign up every year. This agreement is annually renewable upon payment, or canceled for non-payment.
  • PEACE OF MIND: You know it works, you know it’s safe and, when it doesn’t, you know who to call!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: This agreement can be canceled at any time for any reason, or for no reason, with the unused portion of you dues refunded!

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I love this company.  I have had the pleasure to work with the owner Vern.  The one thing that impresses me is how much he cares.   He is not about making the buck.  He is about educating you to save a buck.   He has given advise on how to maintain, A/C, water heaters, refrigerators, seals, energy, smoke detectors and many other things that we do not stop to think about as we go through our busy life.     Vern is on the job making sure that those enjoyments of cool a/c, warm heat and low energy bills are working for us.

I highly recommend that you have Windy City A/C do a full systems check. They are not going to rip you off like so many other people do.  They want to save you not have you spend it!     I love the concept and so does my wallet!


Loyal Customer

We called Windy City Air Conditioning our for an A/C Inspection.  We were scheduled for between 10 and noon,  We received a call at 10:45 that the Technician would be here in 10 minutes.  Derek was our Technician.  He was very polite and took the time to show us everything he was checking.  Lucky for us, our A/C unit received a clean bill of health.  Worth the peace of mind.  I recommend Windy City.  Honest Service…you don’t find that every day!


Loyal Customer

The staff here is so helpful and understanding.  Money is tight night now, but when my roommate and I discovered the air conditioner in his house was not working this past week we were so concerned.  Windy City Air quickly had staff at our house and he was so relived by the cost since he is having a baby soon and could not afford to fully replace the central air.

Oh and they gave him a 1-year warranty on the services they preformed.


Loyal Customers